Instant Karma Project

The purpose of the Instant Karma Project is to both feature instant photography as it's own art medium. It exists to educate others on instant film, cameras, and techniques so anyone else can enjoy this simple yet beautiful medium in the vast world of images.


"Cool, But I want to know more!"

Awesome! While I'm hard at work producing a video series, or reviews of instant cameras and real world shoots with new and exciting instant photography you can check out the gallery or join the community. If you haven't shared the project to your friends online who might be interested it would be a great help too!


The gallery is a complete collection of all the images shot within the project and in the video episodes. For now they are mostly my shots, but I am working on starting another possible gallery for users to submit to!


The most important thing about the Instant Karma Project is building a community around this beautiful niche of photography. If you love instant photos like I do and want to joing the community or help out, you can learn more nby clicking the button below!